What cleaning supplies should I buy to clean my house and how should I use them?

What Cleaning Supplies Should You Buy To Clean Your House And How Should You Use Them?

There are many products on the market that offer different ways to clean your house. Some are fantastic at completing their jobs, while others are not so great. Therefore, in order to help you decide what products are the best to use, follow the brief below to get a better understanding of what products to buy to clean your house. It will also go into how to use the products within your home for easier convenience.

Cleaning Cloth:

Cleaning cloths are one of the primary things to use when cleaning your house. You can use small hand towels, paper towels, or even microfiber cloths. No matter what option you choose, it is great to make sure to have a surplus amount of these around to clean the various surfaces in your home. To use them, you will want to make sure you look at what surface you are cleaning to determine what cloth to use. For example, paper towels are great at using for cleaning windows and counter surfaces, while microfiber cloths are great to use for bathrooms and living rooms. Just make sure to remember to change the cloth for every chemical you use so you do not mix the solutions while you are cleaning.

Sponges And Squeegees:

Sponges are small and cost-effective and they are great at soaking up liquid and scrubbing the surfaces you are cleaning. Squeegees are fantastic at cleaning hardwood floors and tiles. You will want to make sure you have at least one of each in your home to clean. To use a sponge, make sure you rinse it out before you use. Squeeze out the water before you start cleaning and when you notice it is full again, rinse it out. A squeegee is simple to use for floors. You just rinse it out like a sponge and scrub your floors. The same techniques of rinsing it also will apply.


Since you are going to have a sponge and a squeegee in your home, getting a few buckets for different chemicals is also a priority. They make the cleaning process simpler and you can rinse out your cloth and sponges with faster actions. To use it, just fill up the bucket around halfway and add your chemicals like one-half full of water with three teaspoons of bleach. After it is done, rinse it out and scrub the sides for the next times use.

Scrubbing Brushes and Toothbrushes:

Scrubbing brushes and toothbrushes are great at cleaning small and hard to remove stains. You can use them to get the corners of your toilets or under the counters to make sure the bacteria does not build up over time. To use them, make sure they are wet before use, then scrub out the debris and when done rinse and reuse until the job is completed.

Spray Bottles:

Spray bottles are another fantastic product to have in your home to clean. You have the ability to reuse them and change the chemicals for different types of cleaning methods. To use them, just fill them 2/3rd of the way and spray the area that needs to be cleaned. When the bottle is almost finished, fill it up again with the same chemicals for a future use.

Broom And Essentials:

In order to make sure your floors stay clean of dirt, getting a broom, dustpan and maybe a mop would be ideal. You can clean up the dirt with the broom and dustpan prior to using a mop in order to get the maximum clean. Then use the mop to get the stains off the floors to finalize the cleaning. Just make sure to not walk on the area after you mop it to prevent yourself from falling.


Using a vacuum can help you keep your carpet and rugs clean. Before buying you vacuum, make sure it can handle the types of floors you are looking to clean; some cannot handle thick fibers, while others cannot handle thin floors. To use the vacuum, check the area you are looking to clean and move any large objects that might get stuck in the vacuum and pick up any paper to prevent your vacuum from becoming damaged.

Cleaning Supplies:

When you are looking for the overall cleaning supplies, you may want to consider finding the right chemicals and products that will work best for your home. If you are conscious of chemicals, check the ingredients prior to purchasing. You want to make sure they are going to clean the right areas of your home as well as help you maintain the areas if they get dirty again.

Where To Buy:

Since you are looking to get cleaning supplies for your home, there are multiple places to find all of these products. You can find them online or at commercial places. If you look online, you may find deals where you can get the supplies as a collective whole. On the other hand, you can look for them in commercial areas; however, you may have to get a whole list together before leaving your home to get them. Online, you are able to search for the products with a little more ease and get them delivered to your home fast without you having to leave to obtain them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when you are looking to get your home clean, use the products mentioned above to make sure you can maximize on the cleaning process. The more items you have available in your home to clean the variety of surfaces, the more options you have to clean them to your likening. When you have all the products mentioned above, you will not have to stress the next time there is a mess. The products mentioned above are easy to keep clean and reuse repeatedly. Therefore, take the time, and make a list of the total cleaning supplies you will need in your home, you will not be disappointed in obtaining them when that orange juice spills on your floor next time.

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