Top reasons why your home needs a fireplace

Why should you get a fireplace?

Why should someone, a home owner, want a fireplace?

Have you been thinking about getting a fireplace, but you don’t know where to start or even if you should? What would be the advantage of having a fireplace? Its always good to have a cozy fireplace in your home, but picking out the right fireplace is a different story. There are a couple different fireplaces you could choose from. There are gas, wood, and electric fireplaces, and all of them are great but which one fits you the best? There are multiple advantages of having any of the fireplaces but some may not fit your style. Plus, should you get a indoor or outdoor fireplace? Which one fits you best?

Types of Fireplaces

There are three types of different of fireplaces you could choose from, gas, electric, or a wood burning fireplace. Each one of these have really good advantages of having, but which one best fits you the most. Fireplaces are very useful to have in the household, even if you don’t think so.

A wood burning fireplace

A wood burning fireplace does have some upkeep to it, with all the fire wood you need to collect but they are great to have. A wood burning fireplace is so down to earth and cozy to have and it also feels like a luxury to have, even though it is saving you some cost around the house.

Some advantages of having a wood burning fireplace. First, the aroma you get from just hearing the crackling of the fire, but its also really cozy. You can always set the right mood, a romantic atmosphere. Imagine you electric goes out; no way to cook, no light, and no way of staying warm, a wood burning fireplace is a great solution to all these problems. There are different types of fire wood you could choose from as well. You could choose long burning fire wood, slow burning fire wood and fire wood that is aromatic. Even though you do have to purchase or cut down fire wood yourself, its still worth it because the more you use your wood burning fireplace the less you have to use you heating system and raising that bill up.

The gas fireplace

Even though a wood burning fireplace is great it isn’t for some people, some people don’t like to do all the upkeep with fire wood so the gas fireplace is great. Very easy to turn on, with just a switch, press of the button and so on. The gas fireplace turns on immediately and starts working effectively right away. If you have multiple fireplaces in your home you can warm your home up anywhere you would like. You may have to get an annual inspection on your gas fireplace to make sure it is still working properly but there is no ash or anything to clean up after use, so maintenance work is a lot easier on it.

The Electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are very easy to install in the household, and one of the more inexpensive ways to go with fireplaces. You can move them anywhere you would like considering they are electric and all you need is to plug them in. They can fit into snug little areas that most fireplaces can’t fit and gives off a comfort of a gas or wood burning fireplace. Electric fireplaces cant catch things on fire like maybe a wooden one can. Its pure electric so no young ones get hurt just because they got curious and stuck their hand in the fire or throw a toy in there.

There are a ton of other reasons why you should have a fireplace in your home, especially during winter. Instead of always messing with your heating system you can just turn on or light your cozy little fire and cuddle up around it. Fireplaces are very nice especially if you just want to have a relaxing time at home with the family. Maybe play some board games or just talk with each other. Fireplaces really do give off a warming environment, so your home will always feel inviting. Making a home feel welcoming is one of the goals every home owner wants, a fireplace would be great for causing this aurora. Even though having an indoor fireplace is great having an outdoor one is wonderful too.

Instead of being in your home all the time, even when having guest over you can now enjoy a beautiful fire on your patio. Laying under the stars with your friends and family while that nice outdoor fireplace is burning away, warming you on a chilly night. Even if you don’t want to stay inside cooking all day you and your family or friends could just go outdoors and roast hot dogs or marshmallows on a wooden fireplace open flame. It also makes that patio not feel so empty and it looks amazing as well. An outdoor fireplace is a great addition having on the patio.

There are so many reasons for having a fireplace indoors or outdoors fireplace. Why wouldn’t someone have one. It is a money savor in the long run and everyone loves fireplaces. Rather its a gas, electric or wood burning fireplace it is still a nice piece to add to the home. They are very useful and warming, making the house hold feel so welcoming. So next time you are thinking about remodeling that beautiful home, maybe think about adding a brand new fireplace as well. Just think of all the things that a fireplace comes in handy for, not just the price. Think about the long terms effect it will have on your home and your family. Fireplaces just give off such a good feeling atmosphere that everyone that walks into your home will be like they are home and that they are in a welcoming place. It may take a little to think about it but it is a perfect piece to put in the living room, especially during this winter.

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